I’ve been reading, watching, and listening to the news in the past few weeks and, while I have been impressed with the actions taken by our Canadian political and medical leaders, I’ve also noted the insanity and blatant stupidity shown by many in society around the world. There are thoseContinue Reading

The current issues between the Government of Ontario and the Education unions are interesting. This populist government, led by a semi-literate boor, has appointed as Education Minister an individual whose only qualification is an undergraduate degree in political science, ably assisted by his parliamentary assistant who has no post-secondary qualificationContinue Reading

On September 8, 2019, Alexander Bell Harvey turned 100 years old. Family and friends got together at the Fairhaven long-term care facility, where he and Hazel now live, for a celebration. Well in excess of 100 people attended that day. Among the attractions Al was able to offer were: greetingsContinue Reading

Lately, I have been reading the latest news and watching videos produced about the homeless crisis in Peterborough, Ontario. That we are experiencing this problem is a sad commentary on our society as a whole. We are not caring for our neighbours. Recently, the Warming Room shut down because itContinue Reading

Between September 27th and October 28th, 2018, Carol and I took a trip to the UK to visit friends and relatives, and to see where our family came from. It was a wonderful trip and we want to go back again, soon. This is a review of the trip, sharingContinue Reading

For those of you who have ever wondered what depression is really like, have a look at these. I have no idea where I obtained these images. If anyone knows, I’d be happy to acknowledge the source.

In case you have ever wondered about the nature of evil in a world created by a perfect God, here is an excerpt from a book by Augustine of Hippo: What is Called Evil in the Universe is But the Absence of Good. And in the universe, even that whichContinue Reading

Volunteer week is over for this year.  Remember, however, that the need continues throughout the year. Your life and assets have their greatest value when used for the benefit of others.

Since our latest election, Trudeau, elected on a series of major promises and a hatred of the Conservatives, has been nothing but a major disappointment.  He has proven himself to be nothing more than a typical lying politician.  Checking on the TrudeauMeter, it’s easy to see that most of theContinue Reading