Here is a word search puzzle that is a bit easier than many of the other puzzles I’ve posted here. Please enjoy finding the world’s countries, and the message from the leftover letters. The solution will be posted tomorrow.Continue Reading

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that is unlikely to occur. The word “phobia” comes from the Greek word “phobos”, meaning fear or horror. Someone with a phobia experiences an intense fear of an object or situation, actively avoiding it or enduring it with intense fear or anxiety.Continue Reading

Many of us are wondering what to do with ourselves, and our families, while being locked down during our current pandemic. I’m going to try to put up some quizzes for anyone to try. The first one is about Canadian History. Please enjoy.Continue Reading

Our saga begins 1,207 months ago in the small seaside town of Troon, Scotland. A boy was born whose journeys would take him to Canada where he lived in southern Ontario, a homestead in Manitoba, and the Arctic. Along the way, he earned certifications in several trades and an executiveContinue Reading