Countries Wordsearch

Here is a word search puzzle that is a bit easier than many of the other puzzles I’ve posted here. Please enjoy finding the world’s…
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Quiz: I’m Scared of Phobias

A phobia is an irrational fear of something that is unlikely to occur. The word “phobia” comes from the Greek word “phobos”, meaning fear or…
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4 thoughts on “Blog”

  1. I like the quote “A turtle makes progress when he sticks his neck out” May we use it? I like it particularly because my daughter Hannah Wease (one of Christian’s former drumming students)is directing her first musical “Turtle Island”. It’s a children’s story by Toronto writer and musician Chris Mckhool about a turtle and his friends who try to get the humans to open their dam and restore water to their habitat. We are hoping Christian will drum in the pit band when it premieres at St. James United Church next May.

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