For those of you who have ever wondered what depression is really like, have a look at these. I have no idea where I obtained these images. If anyone knows, I’d be happy to acknowledge the source.Continue Reading

In case you have ever wondered about the nature of evil in a world created by a perfect God, here is an excerpt from a book by Augustine of Hippo: What is Called Evil in the Universe is But the Absence of Good. And in the universe, even that whichContinue Reading

Happy New Year, Everyone! I truly hope that everyone has had a great year and that any events have been positive. If you are able to read this message, you have been blessed with the wherewithal to participate in a world of relative plenty. In this new year, let’s allContinue Reading

I turn sixty today. I never would have thought I’d reach this point. It’s not something we think of a lot when we’re young. Nonetheless, I’m here. Perhaps it’s time to wax philosophical. What have I achieved in 60 years? Have I done anything worthwhile? Who will determine that; canContinue Reading

It’s January, 2013.  It’s time once again to look at what is happening in our world – to do what we can to make it better.  Look at the plight of those oppressed by violence around the world.  Look at how our societies are becoming more and more unequal asContinue Reading