Savannah, Myrtle Beach & Charleston

We went to Savannah earlier this week to walk around the historic area of town we enjoyed so much a couple of years ago.  The drive from Hilton Head to Savannah is very pleasant, along roads overhung with Spanish moss and along the many salt marshes.  We walked along the waterfront and down the streets of the old city through most of the many squares that make that part unique.

On Thursday, we left Hilton Head and drove to Myrtle Beach to spend some time with Brian and Susan Fraser in a condo they’ve rented there.  It has been a relaxing time.  Today, the four of us drove to Charleston, S.C. which we had heard was even a better place to visit than Savannah.  It was, indeed, very lovely with old houses lining the waterfront, narrow streets, and architecture from the Civil War.  We saw a very interesting little house for sale near the ocean but, upon discovering its asking price of $3,495,000, decided that perhaps living there was not for us after all.

Tomorrow we leave Hilton Head for the run to California.  We expect to reach somewhere near Tuscaloosa, Alabama by tomorrow night.  We expect the trip to Mountain View to take five or six days


Sunday in Hilton Head

We had a lovely, sunny day today, with temperatures up to 9°C.  We drove to the outlet malls, just to see if there was anything interesting.  Travelling with the Miata, there is precious little space for purchases.  As we thought, we found nothing worth looking at, particularly with the USD at CAD1.50.

We took a long walk from our hotel down to the beach and back, about 11km in total.  It was very interesting and the beach was beautiful.  It was also quite tiring.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a drive with the top down to hopefully see some more of the island.  What we discovered is that there is little of this island that one can get to without being a member of one gated community or another.  I’m not entirely sure what that says about this society, but I’m not sure it can be good.

In any event, the day was very pleasant.  Tomorrow we are going to Savannah to walk around the historic district there.



California 2016 Starts!

We left Peterborough on Wednesday night after Carol finished work.  We thought that perhaps we’d get a few hours behind us and stop for the night in Fort Erie.  However, the weather had other ideas.  When we arrived at the border, we checked the weather reports for the route down to Hilton Head.  It looked as though we’d get stuck in the big snow storm that was coming.  We decided to try to beat the weather and headed south toward Hilton Head.  At the North Carolina border, after having driven the Miata through a lot of snow and slush, a gentleman at the NC visitor centre checked to see how far we’d have to drive to get out of the weather – it was Columbia, South Carolina.  That’s where we spent last night, after 19 hours of driving.  This morning, we drove the rest of the way to Hilton Head where we have been able to get our condo for an extra two nights to deal with getting here early.

Now, we don’t care what the weather is for the next six days.  We’re comfortable!

Cape Breton 2015

Over the last couple of weeks, Carol and I took a trip to Canada’s east coast, visiting Quebec City along the way.  We made stops in Charlottetown and Baddeck before driving the Cabot Trail and hiking some of the trails.  Coming home, we travelled through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, trying to avoid main highways whenever possible.  It was our first road trip with [su_lightbox type=”image” src=”” class=”bbh_lightbox”]Mia[/su_lightbox] and we enjoyed spending most of the time with the top down, even with the cool weather.  Packing was interesting in such a small space. It was all very relaxing.

Here are some pictures from the trip.

Are science & religion incompatible?

I have come across of people who struggle with their Christianity because they perceive a conflict between their scientific professions and their religious beliefs.

I am not sure this conflict is warranted. The Bible is not a book of science, nor does the scientific method address philosophy.

I need much more study on this.

Mediterranean Cruise 2013

We’ve returned safely from our cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was a wonderful 15 days and we would very much like to return. The weather was generally good; we were rained on only for a short while in Pompeii. Rome was quite cold, requiring jackets and gloves, as well as being very expensive.

The whole trip was very worthwhile and we hope to return sometime, perhaps on the same itinerary, but certainly to see more of the area.

Here are some pictures we took along the way. I hope you enjoy them. You can click on an individual pictures, or click on the first picture and use the arrows that appear to browse all the images. Some will have captions, while I had no information to supply about others.


These first pictures are from Istanbul. This was the beginning of our cruise. We arrived on November 12th and had all day on the 13th to visit. We went to the Grand Bazaar, the one place in Istanbul we missed during our first visit some years ago. We were also able to tour the Spice Market on the way there.


At this point, it would probably be nice to see a few pictures of the ship and our stateroom.  We didn’t take many since cruise ships tend to look quite a bit alike.  This was our first balcony stateroom and we enjoyed it very much; we’re probably spoiled now.

Kuşadası & Ephesus

Our next stop was in Kuşadası, (Nov 15) which is the stop where Ephesus (Efes in Turkish) is located.  It was a lovely day for the most part.  We enjoyed the tour of the Ephesus ruins.  Even in the off season, they were quite crowded, but we had an excellent guide and continuous radio commentary from him, so the crowds weren’t too much of a problem.  These pictures are mostly from the ruins, with some from Kuşadası itself.  Most are without descriptions as I can’t claim to remember too many of them.


On November 16, we stopped in another Turkish city, Bodrum.  While this city didn’t have a great deal in terms of tourist attractions, it was quite lovely and we enjoyed the stop.  It is the home of one of the wonders of the ancient world, the Mausoleum of Mausolus.  Unfortunately, though we walked around the city and tried to find the GPS coordinates taken from Google Earth, we were unable to locate the mausoleum.  The beauty of the walk made up for that, though.  One significant thing we found was the large number of teak sailing vessels.  A walk down one of the local piers provided a view of more polished teak than we had ever seen.  The vessels were beautiful.  Below are some of the pictures we took at this stop.


The next stop on November 17th was Marmaris, also in Turkey (our last stop there).  Marmaris is a tourist town and like Bodrum, had a large marina with a tremendous number of sailboats.  Unlike Bodrum, there were more contemporary in nature, all fireglass, no teak.  Many of them were motor yachts and quite a number were very large.  There is money in this part of Turkey.  Many of the craft were registered in the eastern US and the UK.  Below are a number of pictures of Marmaris and our time there.


November 18th saw us leave Turkey for Greece.  Our first stop was the island of Rhodes.  The primary attraction of this island was its medieval walled city, where we spent almost the entire day.  It was very beautiful and seemed to have a slightly different air than the stops in Turkey.  Here are our pictures of the day.


On November 19th, we reached Santorini.  This was the stop we were really anticipating.  We had heard so much about the island and seen so many pictures.  It didn’t disappoint.  We saw only the main part of Thira, but it was everything we expected; narrow, hilly streets and white buildings.  We didn’t find the right spot to get the universally available shot of a church dome with the caldera in the background, but perhaps next time.  We will also visit more of the island on our next trip there.  Below are our pictures of the island.


We reached Athens on November 20th.  Carol and I had spent some time here before so, when the weather turned out to be terrible, we simply took the metro from Pireaus (where the port is) into the Plaka in Athens.  This is the area where most of the interesting ancient things are.  It is also next to the capital buildings.  We didn’t walk up the Acropolis as we had been there before and the Parthenon was still covered with scaffolding.  We did go to the capital building to watch the changing of the guard.  This change is an interesting spectacle as the guards’ marching style is very unique.  Much like an exaggerated goose-step in slow motion.  We did take a few pictures.  You can find them below.


Escaping the rain in Athens, we proceeded to Mykonos on November 21st.  This was the place, along with Santorini, that we were most excited to visit.  Carol and I love the Greek islands.  While not as beautiful as Santorini, Mykonos was still wonderful.  It definitely wasn’t beach season, but we were able to explore the town and take a number of great pictures.  Here they are.

Naples & Pompeii

We spent another day at sea and then arrived in Naples on November 23rd.  The weather here, too, wasn’t great so we didn’t go into Naples.  However, we did take a tour of Pompeii that was wonderful.  The pictures below are of that tour.

Rome (Day 1)

November 24th was our arrival date in Rome, where we left the ship.  It is about an hour into Rome from Civitavecchia where the port is located.  Our train trip into Rome was uneventful and far cheaper than the cruise ship transfer.  However, once at the central station in Rome, things rapidly went downhill.  First of all, it was very difficult to even find the metro, which was part of the same central station.  Once found, and our destination stop determined, we found that we had arrived on the one Sunday of the month when entrance to the Vatican Museum was free and there was to be a public sermon by the Pope in St. Peter’s Square.  The metro was a mad house and we had the most terrifying trip we had ever had.  We finally arrived at our destination and, upon locating our hotel, just a couple of hundred metres from the Vatican, found that it was a very pleasant place.  We spent the rest of that day and the next touring Rome and the Vatican Museum.  It was quite enjoyable, though we won’t be hurrying back to Rome anytime soon.  Below are the many pictures we took around the city and in the Vatican Museum.We spent the remainder of the first day taking a walk-on, walk-off tour bus around the city, first during the day and then after dark.  we also took a look around St. Peter’s Square.

Rome and Vatican (Day 2)

Most of the second day in Rome was spent in the Vatican Museum.  While the artwork and artifacts were amazing, one has to wonder how the opulence could be put to use tending to the poor.

We enjoyed this cruise more than any other we’ve taken.  We may well take the same itinerary again.

New Year’s Day 2014

Happy New Year, Everyone!

I truly hope that everyone has had a great year and that any events have been positive. If you are able to read this message, you have been blessed with the wherewithal to participate in a world of relative plenty.

In this new year, let’s all do our best to help someone else, to increase the quality of everyone’s life.

Please do good for someone else.