We’ve returned safely from our cruise in the Eastern Mediterranean. It was a wonderful 15 days and we would very much like to return. The weather was generally good; we were rained on only for a short while in Pompeii. Rome was quite cold, requiring jackets and gloves, as wellContinue Reading

Happy New Year, Everyone! I truly hope that everyone has had a great year and that any events have been positive. If you are able to read this message, you have been blessed with the wherewithal to participate in a world of relative plenty. In this new year, let’s allContinue Reading

We had an interesting trip from Toronto, through Zurich, and in to Istanbul. Our plane was 90 minutes late leaving Toronto; the exact amount of time we had to change planes in Zurich. While the crew made up about half of the lost time during the flight, we still hadContinue Reading

I turn sixty today. I never would have thought I’d reach this point. It’s not something we think of a lot when we’re young. Nonetheless, I’m here. Perhaps it’s time to wax philosophical. What have I achieved in 60 years? Have I done anything worthwhile? Who will determine that; canContinue Reading

Since my last post on our vacation in Tobago, I’ve loaded the pictures I took onto my computer, and then decided someone may like to look at them.  While I haven’t been able to get one of the slide show plugins to work properly (I’ll work on that later), IContinue Reading

Well, we’ve just returned from a winter holiday comprising 10 days in Tobago.  We were able to take the entire family, our first such holiday in many years, so there were 10 of us.  We rented a beachfront villa in Bacolet, just outside of Scarborough.  You can see it here. Continue Reading

It’s January, 2013.  It’s time once again to look at what is happening in our world – to do what we can to make it better.  Look at the plight of those oppressed by violence around the world.  Look at how our societies are becoming more and more unequal asContinue Reading

Osama Bin Laden is dead. It is great that such a man will no longer be able to terrorize the world.  Perhaps killing him was the only valid solution.  However, he and his like have already won to a great extent.  The world, and particularly the U.S.  live in continualContinue Reading