Country Anagrams #3

Welcome to the Country Anagrams 3 quiz. Each of the questions is an anagram of the country name. The number of words in the question does not necessarily agree with the number of words in the country name.

Simply rearrange the anagram and enter the name of the country.

Your name, please
Opinionated campers
Ever paced
Is ray
Oak vials
And us
Aida is Aruba
Iamb coda
Taco air
Voice editor
Cur spy
El chi
Andrew Liszt
A acrostic
So venial
Dismal loon sons
Asian morn
Earlier ones
A spin
Age lens
Sly leeches
Kosher auto
A can ad
Antics had ten invent serenading
Am sao
Age prison
As in lark
Zilch cub creep
Cos moor
We send
Farcical tanner club pier
Moron ace
Liza Dawns
Aim Laos
Inn saved titans skit
Oaf haircuts
Is nautical

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