Country Anagram Quiz #2

Welcome to the Country Anagrams 2 quiz. Each of the questions is an anagram of the country name. The number of words in the question does not necessarily agree with the number of words in the country name.

Simply rearrange the anagram and enter the name of the country.

Your name, please:
And I halt
Be ruin
Big mule
Hut ban
Luau tv
Bud ruin
I task it jan
Go tan
Blades hang
Ah samba
Satan bow
Game habit
Anna Zita
Is a unit
Glib aura
Key rut
Abrading Tonia Todd
Ban hair
Adriane Benson Zhivago
Bad boars
Obi vial
Liz Rab
Mistaken turn
Lab ruse
Be inn
Bunko safari

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