Since our latest election, Trudeau, elected on a series of major promises and a hatred of the Conservatives, has been nothing but a major disappointment.  He has proven himself to be nothing more than a typical lying politician.  Checking on the TrudeauMeter, it’s easy to see that most of the promises he has kept have been fairly trivial while those broken have been much more important.  Consider his most public actions recently.  We are shortly to become a country making the consumption of marijuana legal.  While I can’t feel that this is a good thing, I don’t have enough information to have a real opinion.  Whether that is good or bad is not really the issue here, it is that our government is making such a big deal about something that is, in relative terms, superficial.  Contrast this decision with that to dump his main electoral promise, the one that contributed so much to his win, electoral reform.  This fundamental change to our country, one that is needed so much, is one he made and had absolutely no intention of ever keeping.  Consider its implementation from the outset.  Upon election, he assigned the portfolio responsible for electoral reform to a complete novice; someone who, while a very nice person, has never had a real job before.  This assignment happened at a time when he had, among those upon whom he could call, a premier political scientist responsible for a large number of publications on electoral reform.  Such a decision could only have indicated a clear lack of commitment to that cause.  I suspect we have little to look forward for the next few years but politically typical lies and governmental mediocrity.

Well, at least he’s not Trump.

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