Sunday in Hilton Head

We had a lovely, sunny day today, with temperatures up to 9°C.  We drove to the outlet malls, just to see if there was anything interesting.  Travelling with the Miata, there is precious little space for purchases.  As we thought, we found nothing worth looking at, particularly with the USD at CAD1.50.

We took a long walk from our hotel down to the beach and back, about 11km in total.  It was very interesting and the beach was beautiful.  It was also quite tiring.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a drive with the top down to hopefully see some more of the island.  What we discovered is that there is little of this island that one can get to without being a member of one gated community or another.  I’m not entirely sure what that says about this society, but I’m not sure it can be good.

In any event, the day was very pleasant.  Tomorrow we are going to Savannah to walk around the historic district there.



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