What have I achieved?

I turn sixty today.

I never would have thought I’d reach this point. It’s not something we think of a lot when we’re young. Nonetheless, I’m here.

Perhaps it’s time to wax philosophical. What have I achieved in 60 years? Have I done anything worthwhile? Who will determine that; can I or must that task be left to others? What, in fact, constitutes accomplishment?

My career has been a roller-coaster, sometimes successful and other times a shambles. In any event, we have always been provided with what we’ve needed. Is a career even that important, save for the opportunities it provides to serve others? When I’m gone, no one will remember how successful I’ve been corporately. They will remember me as husband, father, and friend. I’d like to think I’ve had some success there, with a long marriage (39 years and Carol still puts up with me), three magnificent children and two lovely grandchildren, and a small group of very dear friends (I also owe a great deal to their forbearance). I think I will leave the assessment of my success in these relationships to those others.

I remain thankful for the opportunities I’ve had and pray that I will be able to make the most of what I’m given. I hope I am able to serve others and add some good to the world.

In the meantime, I feel only somewhat, but not especially, old. The upside of this whole situation is that, every day, I am able to collect more and more discounts by virtue of my advancing years.

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  1. Happy Birthday Brian! Congratulations on finally being eligible for Senior’s Day at Shopper’s! Oh, the discounts you’ll reap. 🙂 I hope you’re having a wonderful day with the family and being suitably spoiled. Wish we could be there too!

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