We have to think about what we cheer

Osama Bin Laden is dead.

It is great that such a man will no longer be able to terrorize the world.  Perhaps killing him was the only valid solution.  However, he and his like have already won to a great extent.  The world, and particularly the U.S.  live in continual fear.  Many of the people of that country have been lowered to the point where they are able to cheer at the death of another human being.

Is it right that we should experience pleasure at the death of someone else, even someone as vile as Osama Bin Laden?  As I said before, perhaps his death was necessary; perhaps it was merely unavoidable.  However, should we not view that as a very unfortunate and undesirable consequence of a process to produce a desirable outcome?

It is important that we fight evil wherever we may find it.  It may even be necessary to take lives in the process; of that I am unsure.  However, when we begin to take pleasure in those deaths, we must stop to realise that, at that point, we are every bit as evil as those who have been defeated.

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