Hilton Head After the Hurricane

We’ve just returned from a nice, relaxing week in Hilton Head.  It was interesting seeing how the town coped with Hurricane Matthew.  As we travelled around, there were trees down everywhere.  I’m sure it will be a long time before everything is cleaned up.

Below is a collection of photographs we took of some of the more prominent problems we encountered.

Driving the Dragon & Other Holiday Adventures

We left home very early Saturday morning for our October trip south to Hilton Head.  Saturday was a fairly uneventful trip southward (927 km) to Cincinnati, Ohio.

Our first real adventure took place on Sunday when we went through the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee and North Carolina.  Along the southwestern edge of Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a section of US129 known as the Dragon (or Dragon’s Tail or Tail of the Dragon).  It is known as a motorcycle and sports car enthusiast’s delight with 318 curves over 11 miles.  Driving this was one of my goals and Carol agreed to indulge me.

Carol agreed to take some video of us as we drove the road.  It has several breaks as we stopped occasionally to wait for motorcycles, who were slowing us down, to get ahead.  The last video section stopped abruptly as we faced a medical emergency where the videographer suffered a conflict between breakfast and motion.  In any event, she did a great job and you can get a flavour for the drive from this video.

After driving this stretch, there still remained a very beautiful couple of hours along slightly winding roads, up and down through the mountains. Here are some pictures that Carol took of that part of the trip.

The Trip West

It’s February 6th and we’ve finally arrived in Mountain View.  The trip was largely uneventful, having driven through South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California. We drove I-20 from end to end, 1,539 miles.  We were surprised at the vast expanses of nothingness, as well as a greenness of the vegetation in California.  We’ve not been here in the spring before and it is very beautiful.

We will be spending the next two nights with Colin and Andrea then moving into our place in Santa Cruz on Monday. We drove past the house on our way here and it looks quite lovely.   The weather looks great for next week so it should be a good time.

Savannah, Myrtle Beach & Charleston

We went to Savannah earlier this week to walk around the historic area of town we enjoyed so much a couple of years ago.  The drive from Hilton Head to Savannah is very pleasant, along roads overhung with Spanish moss and along the many salt marshes.  We walked along the waterfront and down the streets of the old city through most of the many squares that make that part unique.

On Thursday, we left Hilton Head and drove to Myrtle Beach to spend some time with Brian and Susan Fraser in a condo they’ve rented there.  It has been a relaxing time.  Today, the four of us drove to Charleston, S.C. which we had heard was even a better place to visit than Savannah.  It was, indeed, very lovely with old houses lining the waterfront, narrow streets, and architecture from the Civil War.  We saw a very interesting little house for sale near the ocean but, upon discovering its asking price of $3,495,000, decided that perhaps living there was not for us after all.

Tomorrow we leave Hilton Head for the run to California.  We expect to reach somewhere near Tuscaloosa, Alabama by tomorrow night.  We expect the trip to Mountain View to take five or six days


Sunday in Hilton Head

We had a lovely, sunny day today, with temperatures up to 9°C.  We drove to the outlet malls, just to see if there was anything interesting.  Travelling with the Miata, there is precious little space for purchases.  As we thought, we found nothing worth looking at, particularly with the USD at CAD1.50.

We took a long walk from our hotel down to the beach and back, about 11km in total.  It was very interesting and the beach was beautiful.  It was also quite tiring.

Later in the afternoon, we went for a drive with the top down to hopefully see some more of the island.  What we discovered is that there is little of this island that one can get to without being a member of one gated community or another.  I’m not entirely sure what that says about this society, but I’m not sure it can be good.

In any event, the day was very pleasant.  Tomorrow we are going to Savannah to walk around the historic district there.



California 2016 Starts!

We left Peterborough on Wednesday night after Carol finished work.  We thought that perhaps we’d get a few hours behind us and stop for the night in Fort Erie.  However, the weather had other ideas.  When we arrived at the border, we checked the weather reports for the route down to Hilton Head.  It looked as though we’d get stuck in the big snow storm that was coming.  We decided to try to beat the weather and headed south toward Hilton Head.  At the North Carolina border, after having driven the Miata through a lot of snow and slush, a gentleman at the NC visitor centre checked to see how far we’d have to drive to get out of the weather – it was Columbia, South Carolina.  That’s where we spent last night, after 19 hours of driving.  This morning, we drove the rest of the way to Hilton Head where we have been able to get our condo for an extra two nights to deal with getting here early.

Now, we don’t care what the weather is for the next six days.  We’re comfortable!

Cape Breton 2015

Over the last couple of weeks, Carol and I took a trip to Canada’s east coast, visiting Quebec City along the way.  We made stops in Charlottetown and Baddeck before driving the Cabot Trail and hiking some of the trails.  Coming home, we travelled through Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, and New York, trying to avoid main highways whenever possible.  It was our first road trip with [su_lightbox type=”image” src=”http://www.bbharvey.com/blog/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/MiaBrian.jpg” class=”bbh_lightbox”]Mia[/su_lightbox] and we enjoyed spending most of the time with the top down, even with the cool weather.  Packing was interesting in such a small space. It was all very relaxing.

Here are some pictures from the trip.